Metal Gear Solid V Character “Quiet” Gets Erotic Figurine

Back when the trailer for the new Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes debuted there was a lot of talk surrounding this new villain called Quiet. She’s a female sniper reminiscent to that of Sniper Wolf from MGS on the PSX. The only thing is, Quiet is more revealing. Well more erotic would be a more accurate description.

Below is the figurine in it’s full glory. Keep in mind the figurine is still a work in progress.

ku-xlarge (1)

Here’s a close up of her…torso area. I’ll leave all the breast jokes up to you.

ku-xlarge (2)

Stefanie Joosten is the face of Quiet through the magic of Mo-cap (motion capture). You can see a video of the development process here:

プレイアーツ改「クワイエット」の全身 [Kojima_Hideo]

こちらも制作途中のプレイアーツ改「クワイエット」の試作モデル [Kojima_Hideo]

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